Our Introduction to you

Posted on 10 February, 2014.

We are very excited to be launching this new website that will provide information to the families that we serve and to local agencies seeking our services!

Our agency has grown so much since opening our first home in 2002. We never imagined that over  ten years later we would be an ever-expanding agency with 40+  clients, 8 residential homes, a day support, a community based mental health program, a psychosocial rehabilitation program and over 65 employees.   We are both humbled by its success and the mission of serving others.

Over the years we have strived to provide multi-faceted services that meet the needs of the whole person with an emphasis on continuity of services. In using this approach, we have found that we are able to support even the most difficult of placements with great success.  It’s not a perfected system, but is one in which many individuals and their families have been pleased.  With this great responsibility we unpretentiously take pride in our efforts, seeking to better ourselves as an agency and excel in supporting individuals in reaching their full potential.

We look forward to offering this website as a conduit for communication  and openness with the community and to be used as a tool. Herein you will find calendars of activities, information about how to make a referral, and more. Please contact us if you find that there is something we should add; your comments are welcome!

We are so thankful for everyone who has made these years of growth possible and we look forward to continuing to serve our community.

Best Regards,

Michael and Edward Helton