Community Mental Health Skill Building

Helton House Mental Health Skill-Building Services

This program is a community-based, in-home service that provides social and individual skill-building for individuals who have had recent psychiatric hospitalizations who may need additional support upon discharge.  This program is staffed by qualified mental health professionals and the program is supervised by a licensed practical counselor.  The mental health professional will perform one-on-one support to promote a healthy lifestyle for the individual that promotes independence and self-care. Medication management and activities of daily living will be addressed with the goal of increasing the individual’s overall wellbeing. The goal of this service is to encourage independent living in the least restrictive environment. It does not take the place of counseling or psychotherapy, but enhances the likelihood that the individual will not have subsequent hospitalizations.

This services is funded through various funding sources including Medicaid, but private pay and other arrangements are negotiated.

A comprehensive clinical assessment must be conducted by Helton House Mental Health Skill-Building Services counselors prior to entry into the program.

The hours of the service are catered to the needs of the individual.