New Directions Mental Health

New Directions Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

New Directions  Psychosocial Rehabilitation services provides support  for social inclusion for individual with mental illness who need significant support to achieve success in the community.  Supports include group discussions and counseling facilitated by qualified mental health professionals and activity schedules that promote building healthy friendships and social supports. Individuals who attend will explore topics such as coping with a variety of general health and mental health issues, money management, increasing knowledge of activities of daily living, and self-awareness. This program’s clinical work is supervised by a licensed practical counselor that reviews program material, treatment plans and staff work.

This service is funded through various funding sources such as Medicaid, but private pay and other arrangements are negotiated.  Transportation can be coordinated through Medicaid for eligible individuals.

In order for an individual to be qualified to receive Psychosocial Rehabilitation services, the following criteria must be met:

  • Currently has Medicaid or is Medicaid eligible unless the individual is able to pay privately for the service.
  • Individual must demonstrate a clinical necessity for the service arising from a condition due to mental, behavioral, or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairments in major life activities. Individuals must meet at least two of the following on a continuing or intermittent basis):
    • Have difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that he/she is at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or homelessness because of conflict with family or community
    • Require help in basic living skills, such as maintaining personal hygiene, preparing food and maintaining adequate nutrition, or managing finances to such a degree that health or safety is jeopardized
    • Exhibits such inappropriate behavior that repeated interventions by the mental health, social services, or judicial systems are necessary
    • Exhibits difficulty in cognitive ability such that he/she is unable to recognize personal danger or significantly inappropriate behavior
  • To receive Psychosocial Rehabilitation services, the individual must meet one of the criteria listed below. The individual must:
    • Have experienced long-term or repeated psychiatric hospitalizations
    • Lack daily living skills and interpersonal skills
    • Have a limited or non-existent support system
    • Be unable to function in the community without intensive intervention
    • Require long-term services to be maintained in the community

A comprehensive clinical assessment must be conducted by New Directions counselors prior to entry into the program.

Hours of operation are 8:30am-3:30pm, Monday – Friday.